How Radar Image, Deathbed Confession May Help Solve Nazi Treasure Train Mystery

Polish official is "more than 99 percent certain" the train exists.

— -- A radar image and a deathbed confession may be the final pieces of the puzzle in solving the mystery of a gold-filled Nazi train that may have gone missing in Poland during World War II.

A German military train rumored to be filled with gold and weapons went missing near Walbrzych, Poland, in 1945, and fortune-hunters have searched for it for decades.

Someone who claimed he helped load the train in 1945 revealed in a deathbed statement the probable location of the train, Poland's Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski said. The person also said the train is secured with explosives, Zuchowski said.

Zuchowski said today he's "more than 99 percent certain that this train exists," after seeing a blurry image from ground-penetrating radar that shows what appears to be the shape of a train platform and cannons.

But Zuchowski said he will be "100 percent sure only when we find the train."

Authorities, including military explosives experts, will be conducting a search, Zuchowski said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.