Soap Opera Stars Make Syrian Refugee's Dream Come True

Nageen Mustafa spent nearly a month traveling from Syria to Germany.

— -- Today is the best day of Nageen Mustafa's life.

And no, not because the fearless 16-year-old Syrian refugee has finally, after weeks of hardship, reached Germany and reunited with her brother.

When we met the wheelchair-bound teenager on the Serbian-Hungarian border two weeks ago, she had been traveling for 20 days, by land and sea, only to have her intended route to Germany blocked when Hungary closed its border.

We were amazed by her seemingly endless determination and upbeat attitude in the face of so many obstacles. We also learned that Mustafa learned to speak perfect English by watching her favorite show, "Days of Our Lives."

“That’s a great show," she told us then. "But they killed the main character that I loved!”

That's where John Oliver, host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," comes in. He heard Nageen's story and decided "Nageen has been through enough." On his show last night, he revealed a surprise, just for her, bringing EJ back from the dead to reunite with his beloved Sami.

"Coming back from the dead, that's not hard. You know what's hard, getting from Syria to Germany," EJ told Sami on the show, after a long embrace.

"You know, there are some amazing people coming through that border...I read about this incredible 16-year-old girl from Kobani, called Nageen Mustafa," EJ said. "Maybe we'll get to meet her one day."

ABC News got the video to Nageen, who is currently in a refugee camp in Essen, Germany, and she was ecstatic.

"They are back together!" she exclaimed of her "friends" Sami and EJ.

"I don't even care that [EJ] mentioned my name. I just care that they are back together!" Nageen said, fighting back tears of joy.

"It's the best evening of my life! I have nothing to complain about," she said.

But Nageen did ask for "a huge favor" -- she would like to have a chance to talk to them. "I have something special to tell them," she said.

In the last two weeks, Nageen has endured tremendous uncertainty, including being detained at one point in Slovenia for crossing the border illegally and bouncing from one refugee camp to another.

Now, while she waits for her papers in Essen, she has been able to see her brother again, who previously made the journey from Syria and is now living in Cologne.

Here is the John Oliver segment where Nageen is mentioned:

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