South Korean fans run Marvel Comics-themed marathon

South Korea was the first to host a Marvel comics themed marathon in 2016.

Fans in South Korea gathered in Seoul on Sunday to run a marathon dressed as their favorite Marvel superheroes.

Almost 8,000 people geared up for Marvel Run 2019, putting on white T-shirts with the red Marvel logo. Participants could choose either a 5K or 10K course.

“I’m a big fan of Marvel, so as soon as I heard of the Marvel themed run, I had to go for it,” Seo Ju-yeon, who signed up for the event with her best friend, told ABC News.

Marvel Studios is behind the Hollywood blockbusters like "Avengers," "Iron Man" and "Captain America."

South Korea was the first to host a Marvel comics themed marathon in 2016, which combined running and geeking out to Marvel characters. For fans, the race is also about spending time with people who share the same interest.

“What makes me very excited about this race is that all the superheroes are here,” Paula Hullman, an American currently living in Pyeongtaek, 30, said. She came with her two sons dressed up as Ironman and Captain America.

Participants took selfies with their favorite Marvel comics character figures throughout the race. Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Groot cheered for runners at the start.

“My son really likes Marvel characters, so I wanted him to experience [the event],” a woman named Jessica who crossed the finish line with a baby in the stroller told ABC News.

There were participants who were more interested in winning the hero costume festival than running. Marvel figures and lego merchandise were given to participants who ran in the most realistic costumes.

A specially-designed Marvel medallion was granted for those who finished the three-hour long race.

“Marvel theme made the race experience more exciting, letting me forget about exhaustion,” runner Lee Gyeong-min said.

The latest Avengers movie, “End Game," sold 14 million tickets in South Korea, more than a quarter of the country’s total population of 50 million.

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