Police Foil Terror Plot Down Under



Police Foil Terror Plot Down Under

In raids conducted in Sydney and Melbourne, police say they found a large quantity of chemicals that could be used to make explosives. Seventeen people were arrested under the country's new anti-terrorism laws. (ABC News)

France Riots

French Authorize Curfews to Stop Rioting

France's Cabinet authorized curfews under a state-of-emergency law Tuesday in an extraordinary measure to halt the country's worst civil unrest in decades after violence raged for a 12th night. (AP)

South Asia Earthquake

Rioters Try to Cash in on Kashmir Aid Exchange

Police fire teargas to disperse Kashmiri villagers when some tries to cross into Indian territory. (The Guardian)

Pakistan Disputes Earthquake Toll

The Pakistani government says it cannot confirm reports that the death toll from the South Asian earthquake has jumped from more than 74,000 to 87,000. (BBC)

Avian Flu

Bird Flu Claims Vietnamese Victim

A 35-year-old man has died of bird flu in Vietnam becoming the country's 42nd victim of the disease, officials say. (BBC)


US and EU Urge Azerbaijan to Investigate Voting Fraud

The United States and the European Union yesterday called on the Caspian state of Azerbaijan to investigate allegations of fraud during parliamentary elections on Sunday, after western observers said the vote did not meet international standards. (The Guardian)


Hospitals in China Find Profit in AIDS

Hospitals pressure patients to pay for extra tests, treatments. (Washington Post)



Five at Guantanamo Headed For Tribunals

Five suspected al-Qaida terrorists, including one accused of killing a U.S. Special Forces medic, are the latest Guantanamo Bay detainees headed for the kind of military trials that now face a Supreme Court review. (AP)

Five US Soldiers Face Abuse Charges

Five US soldiers who allegedly punched and kicked Iraqi detainees have been charged with abusing them, the US military said. (Reuters)


Nigeria Separatist Treason Charge

Nigeria has charged the leader of a separatist organisation that has campaigned for the creation of a Republic of Biafra with treason. (BBC)


Another Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Slain

Three gunmen in a speeding car killed a lawyer for a co-defendant in Saddam Hussein's trial and wounded another attorney Tuesday in Baghdad, a member of the defense team and police said. (AP)

Deadliest Suicide Bombing Against G.I.'s in Months Kills 4 in Iraq

The attack came as the military disclosed it had charged five soldiers with violations related to the abuse of prisoners. (NY Times)

Rumsfeld Taps 92,000 GIs for Iraq Rotation

The Pentagon announced Monday that more than 92,000 troops will be in the next rotation of U.S. forces in Iraq, and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said its exact size will not be decided until after the Dec. 15 election of a new Iraqi government. (AP)

US Pursues Iraq Border Offensive

US and Iraqi forces are fighting suspected insurgents house-to-house in a town near Iraq's border with Syria, in a major new offensive. (BBC)

US 'Uses Incendiary Arms' in Iraq

Italian state TV, Rai, has broadcast a documentary accusing the US military of using white phosphorus bombs against civilians in the Iraqi city of Falluja. (BBC)


No More Blank-Check Wars

Most wars overflow with mistakes and surprises. Still, in Iraq, much that has gone wrong could have been foreseen -- and was. (Washington Post)

WORLD VIEWS: Riots in France Demand Attention; CIA's Secret Prisons Raise Criticism, Questions Abroad

"Paris is burning," Italy's La Stampa gasped. Corriere della Sera sounded its own alarm: "It's criminal gangs like [the ones] in the ghetto of Los Angeles in 1992. It's an anarchic blackout. It's New Orleans on the Seine." (SFGate)

Why Paris Is Burning

Why is Paris burning? That's the red-hot question. Newsweek, in its latest edition, showed its ignorance and insensitivity by coming up with an Islamophobic slant: "Will the riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?" The question remains, why is Paris burning? (Asia Times)

Head to Head: Religion and Politics in Iran

Iranian scholars have been preoccupied for years with the stormy relationship between religion and politics. (BBC)

Syria and the Price of Stability

Nations, akin to individuals, hang on to their roles. They seize the eras of power and the image of prosperous stages. They cleave to triumphs or gains, tending to refuse reading the changes. (Al Hayat)

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