EXCLUSIVE: Is CIA Leak Probe a 'Witch Hunt'?



EXCLUSIVE: Is CIA Leak Probe a 'Witch Hunt'?

Director Launches Internal Investigation Into Who Gave Sensitive Information to the Media. (ABC News)

In Limelight at Wiretap Hearing: 2 Laws, but Which Should Rule?

The attorney general argued that two potentially contradictory Congressional actions together allow domestic surveillance. (NY Times)

Top Counterterrorism Officer Removed Amid Turmoil at CIA

The CIA's top counterterrorism officer was relieved of his position yesterday after months of turmoil atop the agency's clandestine service, according to three knowledgeable officials. (Washington Post)

Activists on Right, GOP Lawmakers Divided on Spying

Despite President Bush's warnings that public challenges to his domestic surveillance program could help terrorists, congressional Republicans and conservative activists are split on the issue and are showing no signs of reconciling soon. (Washington Post)


'Twelve Killed' in Kandahar Blast

At least 12 people, mostly policemen, have been killed in a suspected suicide bomb attack in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, officials say. (BBC)


Video: Terrorist Jailbreak
(ABC News)


Iran, Defying Atomic Agency, Says It Will Resume Nuclear Work

Iran on Monday defied mounting international calls for restraint by announcing that it was poised to restart delicate nuclear work that could enable it to make an atomic bomb. (AFP)

Video: Is Iran a Threat
(ABC News)


China Editor 'Died After Beating'

A Chinese editor has died as a result of a police beating he received for his paper's reporting on corruption, journalists and rights groups say. (BBC)

China Rejects US 'Threat' Report

China says is has lodged a formal complaint to the United States over a Pentagon report labeling China a potential military threat. (AP)

Da Vinci Code Film

Catholic Group Says of 'Da Vinci Code' Film: It's Just Fiction

Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic organization with powerful members and a reputation for secrecy, is trying to change its public image. (NY Times)


Hamza Guilty Of Soliciting Murder

Controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri has been found guilty of race hate charges and soliciting to murder by an Old Bailey jury. (BBC)

Moussaoui Ejected Four Times for Disrupting Jury Selection

Zacarias Moussaoui, who pleaded guilty to involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks, was ejected from court four times after outbursts in which he shouted "I am Al Qaeda." (NY Times)


Suicide Bombers Hit Baghdad Market Square

Dual Baghdad Bombs Kill at Least Seven; Four U.S. Marines Die in Western Iraq. (AP)

US General Maps Out Strategic Refit For Iraq

US general says number of troop may be 'contributing to instability'. (The Guardian)

Attacks Rock 'Foundation' That Marines Built in Anbar

Attacks rock the "foundation" of popular support that Marines built in the Iraqi city of Hit. (Washington Post)


Eavesdropping on Congress

Cable news is driving me crazy. (Washington Post)

Dying To Tell the Story? More Than You Know

The actual number of U.S. military deaths in Iraq is 66 percent higher than previously reported. (International Herald Tribune)

The Forgotten Side of The War On Terrorism

During the past decade - particularly since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States - Westerners have generally considered international terrorism to be the most urgent threat to human security. Accordingly, vast resources have been mobilised and expended to counter its many forms. (Jordan Times)

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