Barbaro Injury Proves Strong Bond Exists Between Man and Horse

Statement from National Thoroughbred Racing Association Commissioner and Breeders' Cup President D.G. Van Clief Jr.:

On behalf of the entire thoroughbred racing industry, our thanks go out to Dr. Dean Richardson and his staff at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, the attending veterinarians and staff at Pimlico, and, especially, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, Michael Matz, Peter Brette and Edgar Prado for their part in helping Barbaro to this point.

All of us continue to pray for his recovery.

Lots of people have been asking what this means for our sport.

While we are tremendously saddened by Barbaro's injury, the events of the last few days, especially the massive outpouring of public support for Barbaro, reinforce the strong emotional connection that people have with our equine athletes and our sport.

The current situation has also demonstrated the strong bond that exists between horses and their owners, trainers, handlers and riders, and has focused attention on the extraordinary care available to horses.

There have been significant advances in the last few years in our ability to ensure the health and safety of our equine athletes and to care for them when they are injured. There is always more to do in this area, and we will continue to work with the owners, veterinarians, researchers and the foundations that support them.