Zawahiri Was Target in Attack on Religious School in Pakistan

October 30, 2006 -- PAKISTAN

Zawahiri Was Target in Attack on Religious School in Pakistan

Ayman al Zawahiri was the target of the missile attack this morning on a religious school in Pakistan, according to Pakistani intelligence sources. (ABC News)

Palestinian Gunmen Kidnap Aid Worker

Palestinian gunmen abducted a Spanish aid worker in the Gaza Strip on Monday, the latest in a wave of kidnappings of foreigners, Palestinian security officials and colleagues of the man said.(AP)


100 Americans Die in Iraq During October

At least 80 people were killed or found dead in Iraq on Monday, including 33 victims of a bomb attack on laborers lined up to find a days work in Baghdad's Sadr city Shiite slum. The U.S. military announced the death of the 100th service member killed in combat this month. (AP)

Many Casualties in Baghdad Blast

A bomb explosion in the Sadr City area of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 26 people and injured more than 60, officials say. (BBC)

U.S. Can't Account For Some Weapons For Iraqi Army

The U.S. military does not have a full accounting for hundreds of thousands of weapons purchased to arm some 325,500 Iraqi Security Forces by December 2006, a government report released on Sunday said. (Reuters)


Nato 'Kills 70 Afghan Militants' Nato forces in Afghanistan say they have killed 70 militants in fierce clashes in southern Uruzgan province. (BBC)


The Eye of The Storm

Every weekday at 8 a.m., Kevin Brock hefts a thick white ring binder onto a sleek, oval conference table. Labeled "Read Book," the deceptively plain folder houses the "Threat Matrix," a top-secret compendium of the most troubling reports of possible terrorist activity, drawn from the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. (U.S.News & World Report)

Hey, Let's Play Ball

At a modest office building just outside Boston last July, senior U.S. intelligence officials quietly set in motion an unusual experiment. For four weeks, a handpicked group of 20 outside experts brainstormed, argued, and chewed the fat with 20 top analysts from the CIA and eight other intelligence agencies. Their mission: to understand why people join terrorist organizations and other groups engaged in antisocial activity. (U.S. News & World Report)

Terrorists Strain for a New Audience With an English-Language Study of U.S. Intelligence

The holy warriors' intelligence shop may need a shake-up, by the looks of a new analysis of White House responses to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, circulating among password-protected jihad Web sites. (Congressional Quarterly)


U.S. General Says Expects 2nd N.Korean Nuclear Test

The commander of U.S. Forces in South Korea said on Monday he expects North Korea to explode another nuclear device but added the North's test earlier this month did not change the balance of power on the peninsula. (Reuters)


UK Paper: Israel Used 'Uranium Bombs'

The IDF on Saturday denied a report by the British newspaper The Independent claiming that Israel used uranium-based munitions, including uranium-tipped bunker-buster bombs, during its war against Hizbullah in Lebanon this summer. (Jerusalem Post)

Berlin Confirms Second Incident With Israeli Planes Off Coast Of Lebanon

Germany confirmed on Sunday that its naval forces serving with the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon were involved in a second incident with Israeli warplanes last week, and said its defense minister would visit the region this week. Conflicting reports emerged last week about an incident that apparently took place on Tuesday. German officials said Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers buzzed the Alster, an intelligence-gathering vessel operating in international waters about 50 kilometers off the coast of Lebanon, and even fired several shots over the ship. (Daily Star)


Egypt Boosts Security Along The Border With Gaza

Egypt beefed up security along its border with the Gaza Strip after an Israeli daily said Israel may bomb tunnels used for smuggling weapons into the Palestinian territories, security officials said on Saturday. (Reuters)


9 Survive Nigerian Plane Crash, 96 Die

The Nigerian pilot of a plane that crashed on takeoff, killing him and 95 other people, did not heed air traffic controllers' advice to not depart in stormy weather, the minister of aviation said Monday. (AP)


Algeria Truck Bombs Kill Three, Show Rebel Defiance

Three people were killed and 24 wounded in near-simultaneous truck bomb attacks on two Algerian police stations, police said on Monday, in what witnesses called the most elaborate assault by Islamist rebels in several years. (Reuters)


ABC News Extremist Website Monitoring

This is a daily update of some of what can be found on militant Islamist websites that are often used by al Qaeda and its sympathizers, insurgent groups in Iraq and other groups for propaganda, recruiting and communication purposes. (ABC News)


Preparations for a Flu Pandemic

The World Health Organization's new plan for ramping up the production of flu vaccine is a measure of how unprepared the world is to cope with an onslaught of pandemic influenza. The plan, conceived by a group of more than 120 experts, lays out a sensible path toward vaccine sufficiency— but it will take years to complete and cost up to $10 billion. (NY Times)

How And Why Common Interests Fail To Spur Collective Action

By David Ignatius

A theory to explain the chaotic world of 2006 - in which people from Baghdad to Beijing seem unable to cooperate on projects that would make them better off - was written in 1965 by an obscure American economist named Mancur Olson Jr. His short book, "The Logic of Collective Action," explained why big groups, including nation-states, cannot agree on actions that are in their common interest. (Daily Star)

How to Spot a Terrorist on the Fly

By Paul Ekman

The man in the cheap brown jacket stood slumped in line, staring at the ground. His hands were fidgety, reaching repeatedly into his inside jacket pocket, or patting it from the outside. A momentary look of anguish, just 1/15th of a second or so, occasionally flashed across his face -- the inner corners of his eyebrows would go up, so that his brows sloped down from the center of his forehead, his cheeks would rise, and the corners of his lips would pull down slightly. He was exhibiting what I call a micro-expression, a sign of an emotion being concealed. (Washington Post)

Another Deadly Blow for Pakistan

By Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf wanted to draw a line in the sand in his struggle for the spiritual soul of the country by early next month, ramming through parliament a controversial bill regarding women's rights that is seen as a move to purge Islamic laws from the constitution. (Asia Times)

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