U.S. Strikes Miss Terror Suspects in Somalia


Somali Raids Miss Terror Suspects

The US air strikes in Somalia failed to kill any of the three al-Qaeda suspects they targeted, a top US official says. (BBC)

Somali Elders Say About 100 Killed in US, Ethiopian Air Strikes

Somali clan elders and residents of southern Somalia have said that about 100 civilians were killed this week in US and Ethiopian air strikes on suspected al Qaeda targets in the region. (AFP)

Kenya Detains Wives of Somalia Al Qaeda Suspects

Kenyan police on Thursday interrogated two al Qaeda suspects' wives caught fleeing Somalia, as mystery remained over whether their husbands survived a U.S. air strike. (Reuters)

Bad Guy of the Week: Fazul Abdullah Mohammed

Short and slight of build, with a knack for computing as well as bomb making, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed ranks high on the list of America's most-wanted terrorists. He's among the prime targets of U.S. Special Operations units now in Somalia, who launched this week's air attack on Mohammed's followers near the southern border, where the jihadists have fled the advancing Ethiopian Army. (US News & World Report)


US To Target Anti-Iraq Activity

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has warned that the US will take action against any country seeking to destabilize Iraq. (BBC)

U.S. -Led Forces Detain 6 Iranian Workers

U.S. -led multinational forces detained six Iranians Thursday at Tehran's diplomatic mission in the northern city of Irbil, Iraqi officials said, as President Bush accused Iran and Syria of aiding militants and promised to "interrupt" the flow of support as part of his new war strategy. (AP)

Britain: No More Troops for Iraq

Britain has said it does not intend to send any more forces to Iraq following U.S. President George W. Bush's announcement that he is sending an extra 21,500 troops. (CNN)

'Chemical Ali' Says Ordered Kurds Cleared Out

Saddam Hussein's cousin told a court trying him for genocide on Thursday that he ordered troops to "execute" all those who ignored government orders to leave villages during a military operation against Kurds in 1988. (Reuters)


Indonesia Jet Debris Discovered

A section of a missing Indonesian plane has been found by fisherman just off the west coast of Sulawesi island, search officials have said. (BBC)


NATO, Afghan Forces Kill at Least 80 Insurgents

NATO and Afghan military forces killed between 80 and 150 insurgents in a series of battles near the Pakistan border Wednesday night after the fighters crossed into Afghanistan from Pakistan, NATO and Afghan officials said Thursday. (Washington Post)

Afghan Warlord 'Aided Bin Laden'

Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar says his fighters helped al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden escape a US offensive five years ago. (BBC)


Siniora Dismisses Report of Bush Ordering CIA to Hit Hizbullah The government on Wednesday denied an article published in Britain's Daily Telegraph claiming that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has received authorization to take covert action against Hizbullah. (The Daily Star)


6 Face Trial for Failed London Bombing

Jury selection began Thursday in the trial of six men accused of trying to bomb London's transport network in 2005, two weeks after suicide bombers killed 52 bus and subway commuters in the city. (AP)


U.S. Warns About Canadian Spy Coins

U.S. Defense Workers Warned About Canadian Spy Coins With Tiny Radio Frequency Transmitters. (AP)

Judge Orders Paternity Test in Duke Case

The judge in the Duke University lacrosse case has ordered a paternity test to determine the father of a child born to the woman accusing three players of sexual assault. (AP)


Unwitting Party to Genocide

By Stephen Rademaker

The International Criminal Court is complicating efforts to save Darfur. (Washington Post)

Defiance and Delusion

George Bush's announcement last night that he is going to pour more troops into Iraq was the last throw of the dice in a misconceived enterprise that has dragged his country, this country and the Middle East into a nightmare. (The Guardian)

Victory in Iraq By Manual, The David Petraeus Way

By David Ignatius

What makes sense in Iraq? The political debate is becoming sharply polarized again, as US President George W. Bush campaigns for a new "surge" strategy. But some useful military guideposts can be found in a new field manual of counterinsurgency warfare prepared by the general who is about to take command of US forces in Baghdad. (The Daily Star)

The Long March to the Rule of Law

A stubborn group of fish farmers in eastern China's Zhejiang province has struck a blow for both the environment and rule of law in the country, leaving analysts to speculate on the promising long-term implications of their case. (Asia Times)

Russia, U.K.: Another High-Profile Exile Dies

One of the founding fathers of the beleaguered Yukos oil company, Yuri Golubev, was found dead in his London apartment Jan. 7, The Moscow Times reported Jan. 11. Though cause of death has not been determined, Golubev's associates do not believe his passing was suspicious. (Stratfor)

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