Amanda Knox's Jailhouse Letters to Ex-Beau and Co-Defendant

"I can't give you my heart completely" Knox writes her alleged co-conspirator.

ByABC News
June 15, 2009, 2:05 PM

June 15, 2009 — -- Amanda Knox has been exchanging letters with her co-defendant and ex-boyfriend where they talk about the messages they try to communicate to each other in the Perugia, Italy, courtroom during their murder trial.

While Knox's letters to Raffaele Sollecito are friendly and affectionate, and she offers to show him around Seattle when their ordeal is over, she tells Sollecito that she cannot love him.

"We could have really had something special, it's true," she wrote on Feb. 18, one of several letters obtained by ABC News.

She tells Sollecito that she reads his letters over several times and says she was "inspired" by things he wrote. She goes on to write, however, "I can't give you what you want. I can't give you my heart completely."

In the letter Knox suggests she has another love interest. "I'm sorry for you that in this time I've steered myself back to the love that I knew and that reborn in myself for DJ." It's unclear who DJ is. Knox has been in jail since her arrest last year.

"I hope this letter doesn't hurt you because all of your letters give me a sense of peace. Thank you. I'm here to hold your hand."

Knox, 21, tries to let Sollecito, 25, down easy. She writes, "You know what would be wonderful? Do you think they would let us hug each other when the judge absolves us? I'm tired of not being allowed to look at you."

At another point in that letter, Knox tells Sollecito, "Don't feel stupid for your feelings. They come and go, just as the moments of weakness are necessary in establishing strength. For instance I only manage to cry when I'm with my family, otherwise I keep it as much as I can inside."

The letter is signed with hearts and a peace sign.

Knox and Sollecito are charged with killing British student Meredith Kercher, 21, during a sex game gone bad. The trial has been made headlines in Italy and Britain since Knox was arrested in November 2007 and dubbed "Angel Face" and other nods to her good looks and grim accusations.

A third man, Rudy Guede, has already been convicted of the murder.

Knox completed two days of grueling testimony on Friday and Saturday, days that could turn out to be essential to whether she is convicted or acquitted of the charges.

During her days on the stand, Knox testified that on the night that Kercher was killed, she was with Sollecito at his house where they smoked pot and had sex.