Dubai Man Divorces Wife by Text Message

ByABC News

D U B A I, United Arab Emirates, June 27, 2001 -- A Dubai court validated thedivorce of a husband who sent his wife her marching orders bytext message on his mobile phone, the Khaleej Times reported today.

It was the first case of divorce by mobile phone registeredin the Gulf emirate.

However, the man changed his mind soon afterward and thecouple, who had been married for two years and have a babydaughter, were reported to be still together.

Change of Plans

The Gulf News daily, in a separate report on the case, saidthe couple approached the court asking if they were divorcedafter the husband sent his wife a message that read: "Why areyou late? You are divorced."

Islamic Sharia law stipulates a man can divorce his wife byeither speaking or writing the words "I divorce you" threetimes, if certain conditions are met. If he utters the sentenceonly twice, he can alter his decision within three months.

The same rights are not available to women.

Abdel Salam Mohammad Darwish, adviser at the FamilyReconciliation section of the courts, told the Khaleej Timesthe divorce was confirmed as valid, but the husband changed hismind after a couple of hours.

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