Pope Again Condemns Gay Marriage

V A T I C A N   C I T Y, Feb. 1, 2001 -- Stressing again the Vatican’s opposition to gay marriage, Pope John Paul II today said there was no possibility the church would redefine its view of matrimony.

“Marriage is not just any old union between human persons, susceptible to being configured according to a plurality of cultural models,” the pope said in a speech to the Roman Rota, the Vatican tribunal that can grant marriage annulments.

“When the church teaches that matrimony is a natural thing, it proposes a truth made plain by reason for the good of the couples and of society,” said the pontiff.

In November, the Vatican blasted lawmakers for giving legal recognition to so-called de facto unions — including those between homosexuals — and said attempts to allow adoption by gays were “a great danger.” That Vatican document reflected denunciations over the past several years by the pontiff.