Surge of Attacks in Jerusalem Prompts Warning to Be on 'Maximum Alert'

Two more attacks today stoke fears the latest unrest may have staying power.

JERUSALEM— -- Following nearly a week of violent shootings and stabbings in Jerusalem, two more attacks today stoked fears that the latest surge of unrest may have staying power.

Today, an Israeli man in his mid-30s shot an 18-year-old Palestinian after she stabbed him, according to Israeli police. Several hours later, down south in Kiryat Gat, a town rarely in the headlines, a 19-year-old Palestinian teen stabbed an Israel Defense Forces soldier after grabbing his gun.

Wednesday marks the sixth straight day of scattered incidents. Over the weekend, protests throughout the West Bank, Jerusalem and even in Jaffa, right next to Tel Aviv, erupted after both the Israeli and Palestinian death tolls increased within 48 hours.

Fueled by the ongoing confrontations around Jerusalem's al Aqsa mosque, Islam's third holiest shrine that Jews also claim as the site of two ancient temples, the recent wave kicked off in force last week.

Last Thursday, two Israeli settlers -- one of whom was an American citizen -- were shot to death in front of their four children.

Days later, the IDF rounded up five members of what the police called a Hamas terror cell. On Monday, the Israeli military demolished the homes in East Jerusalem of alleged Palestinian militants accused of attacks nearly a year ago.