Sword Fight Breaks Out at Shrine in India, Causing Injuries

PHOTO: Men wielding swords and sticks clashed with guards at a Sikh shrine in northern India, June 6, 2014.PlayNNIS
WATCH It's 2014, But a Sword Fight Broke Out in India

In a scene out of a Bollywood movie, a sword fight broke out at a temple in Northern India, injuring several people, officials said.

The clash happened today at the Golden Temple, the Sikh's holiest shrine, when two rival political groups faced off, according to Golden Temple spokesperson Kiran Jyoti Kaur.

Sikhs protesting for a new homeland turned violent and were chased by temple guards, Kaur said.

Several men brandishing swords and wooden sticks are seen chasing each other through a crowd in a video of the brawl.

One of the fights ends when one of the men drops his sword -- and simply walks away.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.