Terror Suspect Salah Abdeslam Handed Over to France

Salah Abdeslam is the only surviving suspect in the French attacks.

Abdeslam, a suspect in the Nov. 13 attacks in France, which killed 130 people, was arrested in Brussels on March 18 after an international manhunt.

French authorities confirmed that Abdelsam had arrived in France at 9:05 a.m. local time and that he will appear today in front of a prosecutor who will request that he remain in police custody.

No further information was given by the Belgian federal prosecutor concerning the circumstances of his transfer. The French national terrorism suspect will be placed in a high security jail once formally charged, the Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas said.

"He will placed in solitary confinement and will be followed by a dedicated surveillance team made up of specifically trained personnel," Urvoas told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

French lawyer Frank Berton told a French TV station Wednesday that he will defend the suspect, who he described as a young man "falling apart" and ready to cooperate.