Thousands Protest Against Brexit in London's Trafalgar Square

The pro-EU event was canceled after more than 50,000 people signed up.

An event in Trafalgar Square, titled "Stand Together," had been canceled due to the extraordinary number of people who wished to attend.

"It started with the idea of bringing 20 friends together in London Fields park in East London, and now we have over 50,000 people who want to stand together in London," event organizer Jessica Rodgers wrote on Facebook. Trafalgar Square is only equipped to hold 10,000 people, she wrote, and proceeding with the demonstration would with "too dangerous for the attendees."

Despite Rodgers' insistence that people do not turn up to Trafalgar Square, they did anyway, and in the thousands.

Protesters also gathered outside the House of Parliament to show solidarity with the European Union.