US Not Taking Sides as Violence Surges in Middle East

As more blood in spilled around the Holy Land the US is reluctant to take sides.

The footage shows a white car appear out of nowhere, ramming full speed into 3 pedestrians at a bus stop.

The attacker is not done, according to the footage. He gets out of the car and begins to hack at the lifeless victims with meat cleaver before he is shot by a nearby security guard.

Kerry said the U.S. strongly condemned today’s attack and said both sides need to show restraint, citing the recent attack against a Palestinian family in a settlement area.

The past two weeks have seen daily violence in the region, much of it by knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers. A total of 22 Israelis were reported wounded on Tuesday alone in a series of attacks, stirring fear into the Israelis of another Palestinian uprising.

I'm not going to point fingers from afar,” Kerry said today. “Unfortunately, this is a revolving cycle and it's one that I believe damages the future for everybody in the region.”