Video Shows Ocean Floor During Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

PHOTO: The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is leading a seabed mapping and underwater search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean.PlayAustralian Transport Safety Bureau
WATCH Ocean Floor in MH370 Search Area Mapped

Australian officials released new video that shows what the bottom of the Indian Ocean looks like as the search there continues for missing flight MH370.

The plane vanished in March, and Australian search teams have been scouring the southern seas ever since for any signs of the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner.

The computer-animated video offers a visualization of the sea floor terrain in the search area, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. It was necessary to map the sea floor before the underwater search begins, the ATSB said.

Bathymetry is the study and mapping of the floors of oceans, seas or lakes.