Video shows skiers' lucky escape from an avalanche in Austria

It happened on an off-piste area.

March 20, 2019, 1:27 PM

A skier in the Austrian Alps by chance filmed a near-miss moment as an avalanche swept through an intended route.

The skier, who remained anonymous, was near St. Anton am Arlberg, a village between the Swiss and German borders, preparing to ski down an off-piste, or unmarked, route, according to Reuters.

This particular off-piste area was popular, though, and several skiers were waiting on a ridge while others took their turns skiing down it.

As one group descended and the skier with a helmet camera waited, the ridge suddenly fell out from under them, tripping some skiers and pulling the filming skier down under a flurry of snow.

Luckily, according to Reuters, no one was actually buried by the snow, although a mountain rescue team did come to the skiers' aid.

The Austrian Alps faced threatening avalanche conditions earlier this winter as heavy snowfall created risky conditions. In one week in January, at least 14 weather-related deaths were reported in Europe, The Associated Press said.

The avalanche risk was low to high in the Austrian Alp area last week into Saturday, according to Avalanche Report.

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