Video Shows Survivor Pulled From Debris of Taiwan Earthquake Collapse 2 Days Later

Tsao Wei-ling survived because of her husband, who died in the rubble.

Tsao Wei-ling survived because of her husband, who shielded her from a collapsed beam, according to The Associated Press. Her husband and 2-year-old son did not survive. She called out, “Here I am,” to the rescuers who dug her out of the debris.

Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Corp. was able to get footage of the rescuers’ pulling victims out of the rubble. At least three other people were rescued this morning, including a 42-year-old man and an 8-year-old girl, the AP reported.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan Saturday morning, causing at least two buildings to collapse in the southern city of Tainan. The capital of Taipei had no signs of damage after the quake.

So far, at least 36 people are believed to have been killed by the earthquake and more than 100 people are believed to still be under the debris, according to the AP. Over 170 people have been rescued, mostly in the first hours after the earthquake, but people are beginning to lose patience as they wait for information concerning loved ones who are still missing.

Nearby counties -- Kaohsiung and Pingtung -- had their rescue teams help rescue people from the buildings, as well. About 20 counties in Taiwan, including, Taipei, will continue to support Tainan in this tragedy, according to a Feb. 8 news brief from the Tainan City Government.

The Tainan City Government could not be immediately reached by ABC News.