Young Israelis, Gazans Live-Tweet Raw But Different Versions of Conflict

Israelis and Palestinians are Tweeting their different versions of the conflict.

ByColleen Curry
July 31, 2014, 10:30 AM

— -- While the Israeli military and Hamas continue to fire rockets across the Israel-Gaza border today, regular citizens on both sides are using Twitter to launch a war of words about the conflict.

Raw accounts of buildings being bombed and rockets going off have become a hallmark of this ongoing conflict, allowing regular people to voice their opinions and the possibility of peace.

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Israeli citizen Ido Daniel, 27, has been tweeting about Hamas rockets being fired at Israel and intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome.

He has also tweeted about Hamas's tactics in using tunnels and storing weapons at civilian buildings.

His impassioned tweets have led to arguments with those criticizing Israel.

The first-person accounts and photos that fill Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds have allowed the rest of the world to hear from people most-affected by the conflict.

Earlier this week, thousands followed along as 16-year-old Gaza resident Farah Baker tweeted about airstrikes in her neighborhood -- posting photos and short videos that allowed people around the world to see the destruction in Gaza first-hand.

In Gaza City, 24-year-old Mohammed Suliman has been tweeting about how the conflict looks from his side of the border, painting a stark picture of destruction and death around him.

Suliman, too, has engaged in pointed political criticism. His tweets have been favorited and retweeted thousands of times, showing how a Palestinian in the midst of the conflict can have an significant platform to communicate his views.

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