Kate Middleton's Natural Bridal Hair is a 'Do' for Wedding

Kate Middleton's hairdresser revealed plans for the bride to wear her hair down on her wedding day. In doing so, Kate simultaneously breaks bridal convention and reinforces herself as a low-maintenance, natural beauty icon.

London hairstylist Richard Ward confirmed Kate's hair will be "100 percent down and flowy," reported The Daily Mail.

So why down rather than up? Mr. Ward said, "Every bride's hair on their wedding day should reflect their look throughout the year. Kate's such a natural girl, so no stuffy up-dos for her."

On the big day, a team of six hairdressers will work together to help each member of the bridal wedding party look her very best. Mr. Ward will style Kate's mother Carole and sister Pippa. His colleague, Mr. Pryce, will be responsible for Kate's 'do.

World renowned for coiffing Kate's locks in her engagement photos, Mr. Pryce has 15 years' experience in the hair industry and charges $56 for styling and $99 for a cut and blow dry. Chances are good his prices will increase after his gig April 29.