World's Longest Rabbit Darius Celebrates 5th Birthday Today

And he's just like a dog. He's potty trained, sits on command and plays ball.

— -- This bunny, who holds the Guinness World Record for world's longest rabbit, is partying like an animal today because... it's his birthday!

Darius, a 4-feet-long continental rabbit, turns 5 today, his owner Annette Edwards, 63, of England, told ABC News today.

"I'm probably going to let him have extra nice carrot treats," Edwards said. "He just loves the carrots with the yummy green tops."

Edwards also takes care of Darius' son named Jeff. He's only a year old, but he's already 3-feet-8-inches long, and Edwards thinks Jeff could outgrow Darius.

"I spend over 5,000 euros for the both of them every year," Edwards said. "That covers everything to take care of them -- bedding, apples, carrots, cabbage, hay and rabbit mix."

And though these giant bunnies do hop, she said they're much more like dogs than rabbits.

"They are potty trained," Edwards said. "They're very friendly and tame, they follow you around like dogs and they like to play ball. Both of them respond to their names, and they sit when I tell them to."

Edwards added she sometimes seats Jeff and Darius at the dining table, and they can put their front paws on the table and eat.

And fun fact: Darius is a ladies' man, and Edwards regularly breeds him and sells the babies as pets to those interested, she said.

"He probably has over 30 babies, and they all come from three different mothers," Edwards added.