Year of the Monkey: What Pop Culture Was Like 12 Years Ago

Check out the top movies, music of 2004.

— -- The Chinese New Year is being celebrated around the world today and many shopping centers and buildings are adorned with toy monkeys.

The monkey is the ninth of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Every 12 years is a Monkey year.

Here's a look back at life in 2004, the last Year of the Monkey.

The Top Movies

2004 was all about sequels.

The top two grossing movies were "Shrek 2" and "Spider-Man 2" respectively, according to

The sequel "Meet the Fockers" also made the top five list.

A Change in TV

2004 marked an end for many beloved TV series.

The last last episode of "Friends" aired on NBC in May.

The hit series "Frasier" concluded its long run in May as well.

Academy Awards

But broke up in 2015 after a year and a half together.

#1 Album

The No. 1 album of the year was Usher's "Confessions" according to Billboard.

Super Bowl