16-Month-Old Boy Befuddled by Sight of Dad's Twin

The boy, Reed, repeated "dada" pointing at both twins.

ByABC News
February 10, 2016, 3:15 PM

— -- Stephen Ratpojanakul and Michael Ratpojanakul are 31-year-old twins who look so much alike that even Stephen’s 16-month-old son has trouble telling them apart.

Stephen and his wife, Carroll, left their toddler son, Reed, with Michael and his wife, Caryn, in their New York City apartment last week for a day of babysitting.

When Stephen returned, Reed appeared to have trouble figuring out which twin was his dad.

Caryn captured the funny moment in a video that has been viewed on Facebook more than 14 million times.

In the video, Stephen is wearing the sweater while Michael is wearing the plaid oxford shirt. Reed looks back and forth between the twins as he alternatively reaches for each of them, calling each one “dada.”

"We’ve seen him every week since he’s been alive practically but this was the first time we’d spent a really long time with him without Stephen being there," Michael told ABC News. "I think that’s why he got confused."

“Stephen was wearing glasses that day and normally he doesn’t and I always do,” Michael said. “I think that we were both wearing glasses threw him off and then when we took them off, it confused him even more.”

"We thought it’d be a fun thing to share with our friends," Michael said of the Facebook video. "We absolutely adore Reed and we think he’s such an amazing kid."