66 Surfers Set World Record by Riding on a Board at Once

They did it on a surfboard weighing 1,300 pounds.

Nearly 70 surfers attempted to set two marks Saturday -- one for the world’s "largest surfboard" and the other for the "most people to ride a surfboard at once."

To accomplish those feats, the surfers used a huge board that weighed 1,300 pounds and measured 42-feet long and 11-feet wide. A crane was required to get the surfboard on the water.

Then the group of 66 dudes and dudettes hopped on the gigantic board and rode a wave for 12 seconds.

“We survived the attempt,” Huntington Beach surf coach Andy Verdone told the Orange County Register. “We set a world record. It was more exhilarating than I imagined.”

The event drew thousands of spectators to the sands.

Meanwhile, the Huntington Beach surfers will have to wait to see whether they own the title of “world’s largest surfboard,” because that designation won’t be official until next week.