90-Year-Old Applebee's Waitress Gets Surprise Birthday Party

Miss Katherine has worked every weekday at the restaurant for the past 13 years.

— -- An Applebee's in Westampton, New Jersey, recently threw a surprise birthday party for a beloved waitress on Tuesday.

The 90-year-old server, Katherine Walsh, told ABC News today she thought Tuesday "was just going to be another normal day at work," but she was "absolutely shocked" to walk into the restaurant filled with over 50 staff members and customers wishing her a happy birthday.

"It was awesome," Walsh said. "There was a huge 'Happy 90th Birthday!' banner for me, a large cake and a stack of dozens of cards from my coworkers and Applebee's restaurants all over the country."

Guidotti told ABC News today that Walsh -- better known as "Miss Katherine" to her dozens of loyal customers -- is the oldest employee in the company.

Walsh still "outruns some of the restaurant's 18-year-old waiters," according to Keith Barber, manager of the Westampton Applebee's.

"Her work ethic compares with no one," Barber told ABC News. "While other servers might be only working one or two tables around 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. -- generally our slower time -- Miss Katherine is waiting on seven different tables, most with customers who've requested her."

The manager added that Walsh "makes sure all her guests are taken care of, that their food is perfect and that they always leave happy."

Walsh -- who has eight children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren -- said she doesn't plan to retire anytime soon.

Her customers and coworkers are like a second family to her, she explained, adding that it would be difficult to leave them.

"I just really love working and meeting people," Walsh said. "And not to mention, that extra money does come in handy."

"I don't think I did anything to deserve all this, but I feel so happy and so blessed," she continued. "I just plan to keep working, keep serving."