Anne Marie Slaughter's Husband Speaks Out, Says 'Nobody Can Have It All'

Andrew Moravcsik became the lead parent when his wife took on a powerful job.

— -- Andrew Moravcsik is the proud exception to the rule that most men do not take on the lead role when it comes to parenting.

Moravcsik, a professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University, is the husband of Anne Marie Slaughter, the woman who famously wrote in a controversial article for The Atlantic that, “women can’t have it all” and that it was time for women to stop “fooling” themselves.

Now, Moravcsik has taken to the same magazine, The Atlantic, to describe what it has been like for him as the primary caregiver to the couple’s two sons while his wife pursued a career that led to such a prestigious job offering.

Moravcsik wrote in the essay, published Thursday, about the frustrations of being a stay-at-home dad in a society that still overwhelmingly believes raising children and managing the home is women’s work.

“Nothing quiets a dinner party conversation more quickly..than a chance mention of the fact that my wife out-earns me,” wrote Moravcsik, who says the role of lead parent is one he continues “to fill today.”

“Lead parenting is being on the front lines of everyday life,” he continues. “…The role has unavoidably taken a toll on my professional productivity.”

Moravcsik told ABC News he is happy with his own work-life balance, and happy that he and his wife have had the opportunity to make choices about their co-parenting roles.

“Only in four percent of the families do you see men taking the job of a lead parent,” Moravcsik told ABC News. “Studies show that a lot of men would be happier if they chose a balance less directed towards work."

“Overall, I'm happy with the balance that I’ve struck,” he said. “Nobody can have it all.”