Avocado-only restaurant arrives in Brooklyn

Avocaderia will feature a menu composed exclusively of Mexican-farmed avocados.

ByABC News
April 6, 2017, 4:00 AM

— -- Avocado aficionados will soon be making a beeline for Brooklyn.

In April the New York City borough will welcome an all-avocado bar where customers can enjoy the beloved fruit in a variety of healthy and fresh ways.

Avocaderia said its aim is "to bring a fresh perspective and healthy take on fast food."

Flipping the script on traditional restaurants, Avocaderia said it will be the world's first quick service avocado bar. It says its dishes will feature organic avocados, grown in the Mexican state of Michoacan by local farmers and fairly traded to the U.S. at an affordable price for consumers.

Breakfast and lunch bowls as well as salads, toasts, smoothies and, of course, guacamole, will appear on Avocaderia's innovative menu.

The inspiration for opening up an exclusively avocado joint came from co-founder Francesco Brachetti, an Italian who moved to Mexico and fell in love with the hugely popular produce item.

"Avocados in Mexico were delicious and widely used in many different dishes," he said. "Suddenly I was having avocado every day. I loved the healthy and tasty characteristic of this superfruit."

Brachetti will oversee business and operations, and he enlisted an all-Italian team of friends and family members. His cousin and fellow Florence native Alberto Gramini is the chef and curated the menu, and Brachetti's friend Alessando Biggi will assist with day-to-day business.

Gramini spent countless hours perfecting the menu alongside his team.

"It was important to preserve the flavor of such great produce," he said.

Although the ingredients and flavors differ from those of his Italian roots, he said there were nonetheless similarities. "In Italy we know how to make great food with simple recipes, using a few quality ingredients," he said. "Sometimes making simple food is the hardest thing."

Gramini pursued freshness for his menu, including an abundance of raw ingredients, as well as noninvasive cooking techniques such as sous vide, in which ingredients are submerged in a hot water bath.

Gramini said, "We love food, and we know how important it is for everyone's personal well-being. A delicious meal can put a smile on your face and brighten your day, while eating your vegetables" — or fruit, in this case — "will make you live longer. So why should people compromise between something healthy or something tasty? At Avocaderia we want to give you the best of both."

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