Baby born in grocery store gets produce-themed photo shoot

The mom said she didn't know she was pregnant.

— -- A baby born in a grocery store was treated to a photo shoot in a shopping basket complete with produce surrounding him.

"I didn't know I was pregnant and ended up giving birth in the Atlantic superstore bathroom," Ashleigh Miller-Cross told ABC News.

A store employee, with the help of 911 responders, delivered the baby boy. The store gave the family a year's worth of free diapers.

Matchett was only 10 months postpartum from the birth of another child when she gave birth to Ezra. She said she didn't gain any additional weight and had no reason to suspect she was pregnant again.

Photographer Jen Matchett of Branches Photography saw the story and decided to donate her services.

"I first heard about the story on Facebook. A local news story popped up on my feed. Then the next day I saw a relative of theirs, on a community group looking for donations for the family, who was obviously not expecting another baby," she told ABC News.

She added, "I knew they wouldn't have been saving for something like that. My photographer brain was already envisioning the grocery basket shot, it just came to me and I had to make it happen."

The photographer borrowed a grocery basket from the store with its logo. "I figured it would be a great way to celebrate his unique birth," she said.

Cross said that "everyone loves the picture and Ezra has become a little local celebrity. That specific superstore loves when Ezra goes in to visit, and I'll always be grateful to the amazing staff who helped me the day he was born."