Baby flamingo wears blue booties to keep his feet safe

Squish walked around with specially made blue booties to protect his feet.

— -- Meet Squish, a baby greater flamingo, who was born just a few months ago from an egg that was found abandoned.

Workers at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park incubated the egg until Squish was born.

Today, Squish was able to strut around the park with specially made blue booties protecting his feet from the hot ground.

The booties, according to bird experts, will help prevent his feet from getting calluses, which could get infected and delay his release into the wild.

Squish is taking strolls daily to help strengthen his legs and give him some exposure to sunlight.

Gerard Wan, Jurong Bird Park's animal care officer, said the UV rays from the sun will help boost his calcium levels which will strengthen his bone development.

"When his feet are [strong enough,] we will send him back into the flock, and hopefully, he will be able to integrate with them," Wan said.

Wan said Squish has been progressing well and doesn't need to be fed by hand anymore. Currently, Squish weighs 3.5 pounds, and park workers anticipate he will be strong enough to release to the flock in about two weeks.