Baby Jaguar Born at San Diego Zoo is a Boy

The little guy is happy and healthy, weighing in at 4.8 pounds.

— -- The San Diego Zoo has an adorable new addition.

This little jaguar cub born on March 12 may not have a name yet, but he’s quickly winning loads of fans on Twitter and Vine.

The zookeepers just determined the cub is a healthy, strong baby boy weighing in at nearly 5 pounds.

“We’re at the stage now where there are times throughout the day where mom will leave the baby in the nesting area to go get some food or water for herself,” Rick Schwartz, ambassador for the zoo, told ABC News. “In the zoo environment we take advantage of that and go ahead and take the baby while she’s away to do a health check with our veterinary staff.”

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This little guy is the third cub for mother Nindiri, who’s been spending plenty of time helping her newborn become steadier on his paws.

“Nindiri is a great mom,” said Schwartz. “The baby is developing properly, growing properly, hitting all the milestones. And mom is doing everything she needs to be doing.”

The baby cub is visible to the public from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in his cave bedroom, which has a glass wall, but only if mom Nindiri is in the mood to put him on display.

“It’s up to mom,” Schwartz said. “For the most part, honestly, she more often than not has the baby up front because she likes to show her new baby off. She’s right up there showing him off to everyone like, ‘Look what I did.’”

It’s hard to believe this adorable little baby will someday weigh 70 to 250 pounds, but judging by how rapidly he’s growing already, that probably won’t be too far off.