Baby Meets Teddy Bear in Adorable Video

A Minnesota couple's stop-motion video has gone viral on YouTube.

June 25, 2014, 2:38 PM

— -- A Minnesota newborn is already a viral video star at just 10 weeks old thanks to the creativity of his parents and a teddy bear who will be his lifelong friend.

The idea for the video starring Henry David Knutson came with the arrival of a stuffed teddy bear that his parents, Chris and Aimee Knutson, of Minneapolis, Minn., had ordered in anticipation of the delivery of their first child.

The Knutsons, who met while doing theater, had long been inspired to do a stop-motion film and realized the teddy bear was the perfect subject.

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“My wife and I have talked about doing stop-motion for a while so when the bear came it was just like this is the perfect time,” Chris Knutson, a comedian, told ABC News. “So it’s our first child and our first stop-motion film too.”

Chris and Aimee, both 31, began to storyboard, or write, the film by thinking of milestones they themselves went through as expectant parents.

“We went scene-by-scene and thought of our process preparing by parents and how the bear could be observing that, like the pregnancy test, putting the crib together and seeing the ultrasound,” Knutson said.

Then the couple purchased a second teddy bear, a “stunt double,” according to Knutson, and staged the scenes, with Aimee mostly moving the bear and Chris taking the shots.

Around 60 hours later –- a time period that included all the planning, staging and actual editing of the footage on their home computer -– the Knutsons had an adorable, nearly two-minute video that ends with the sweet scene of the bear meeting tiny Henry David in his crib.

“We posted it on YouTube and then I posted it one time on Facebook and it took off from there,” Knutson said of the video, which now has more than 200,000 views on YouTube.

The video will not be the last for Henry David and the bear, which the couple is waiting for Henry himself to name.

“We plan on having the bear and Henry make these videos throughout crucial steps of Henry’s growth,” Knutson said.