Beard Baubles: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Hipster Friends

Beard Baubles are the perfect new holiday accessory for your face.

ByABC News
December 10, 2014, 4:18 PM

— -- Move Over Mistletoe -- there’s a new holiday decoration in town.

Behold the Beard Baubles, the best way to make your face instantly festive.

The crafty baubles that hang perfectly from your bristles are the brainchild of an ad agency in the UK called Grey London, who says they stumbled upon the ornate idea while working on their yearly Christmas card.

Employees Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford “went a step further” than just the usual card, coming up with an additional “festive gift idea” that also doubled as a “striking image for the agency card.”

“There’s already been huge levels of interest, primarily from Brits, but also Aussies, Americans, Kiwis, Germans and French,” said their PR manager Ollie Dearn.

Each pack contains 14 multicolored baubles—10 big ones and four small ones, ready to outfit any beard size.

They’re available for purchase and it’s safe to say would make the perfect present for your favorite hipster friend this holiday season.

All of the profits also go to a good cause called Beard Season, an initiative which encourages men with beards “to become ambassadors in the fight against Melanoma.”

When asked whether accessorizing your beard for the holidays is a new Christmas trend, creators Kennedy and Ashford simply replied: “It is now.”