Un-Bee-lievable! 360 Video Gets Up-Close Look Inside Beehive

Inside the busy life of a bee.

— -- Home is where the hive is.

After nearly a month of non-stop rainfall in Washington, D.C., Toni Burnham of the DC Beekeepers Alliance finally found a chance to visit some of her favorite buzzing buddies.

“You have to wait until its dry and over 60 degrees outside to open their hive,” Burnham tells ABC News. “But watch out, they’re going to want to be a bit busy after not being out for so long.”

Burnham says the top layer of the beehive is where the honeybees store their food. The middle layer, where the ABC 360 tool is placed, is where they live.

By moving the mouse on the video below, you can see from a bees-eye-view what life is like inside a hive.