Black Cat Nicknamed Sparky Rescued After 2 Frigid Days Atop Power Pole

"The cat suffered hypothermia as a result of its ordeal."

— -- Forget about the cat on the hot tin roof.

This poor kitty, nicknamed Sparky, was rescued Wednesday from high atop a power pole in Aurora, Colorado, after it had been stuck there for two days in the snow.

Neighbors called Animal Services and took to social media to alert authorities about the animal.

“When Aurora Animal Services initially fielded calls about the cat being stuck atop a pole, Animal Services notified the local electric utility and Aurora Fire Rescue because of the dangers of electrical wires involved in any rescue attempt,” Michael Bryant, the city’s senior public information officer, told ABC News.

He added: “When a local electric utility crew arrived to attempt to remove the cat, Aurora Animal Protection officers also came to the scene to assist. The cat jumped from the pole as workers approached it, but was able to be corralled and placed in a carrier for Aurora Animal Services to provide care and evaluation.”

The black cat is currently heading back to the Aurora Animal Shelter after undergoing a thorough evaluation and receiving care from one of the shelter’s veterinary partner.

“The cat suffered hypothermia as a result of its ordeal but is in stable condition,” said Bryant. “The Aurora Animal Shelter will continue to monitor and care for the cat, which will be kept on a hold to allow for any owner to come forward.

He continued: "Although the cat was not microchipped or registered with the city, the priority is reunification with any owner it might have. If the cat’s six-day hold expires without an owner coming forward and the cat’s health continues to improve, the shelter will use its behavioral evaluations to determine whether the cat is a candidate for adoption or for the shelter’s Working Cat Program, which allows feral cats a chance to live outdoors on larger properties."