Blow-up Irish pubs turn ho-hum parties into backyard blasts

Not surprisingly, people are loving this.

— -- The bar has been raised for the backyard barbecue.

In just 10 minutes, a blow-up Irish pub, complete with bartender, food, drink and entertainment can appear just about anywhere.

Paddy Wagon, a Boston-based company, had been "inundated with inquiries," according to Owen Cahill, one of the company's owners, when it debuted. The website crashed twice, Cahill told ABC News.

There are two models: one that's 20-by-20 that fits about 40 people; and one that's 40-by-40 and fits about 80. The larger model takes longer to inflate, about 45 minutes.

Prices start at $800 for a 24-hour rental of the smaller pub. That includes set-up and deflation. "It's a simple as pulling the plug," Cahill said.

The blow-up pubs are a huge hit at corporate events, Cahill said, because "they're a natural draw." The company does most of its business in Massachusetts, but is in the process of franchising it to other areas. And when they do, Cahill said, the sky's the limit. The structure can be branded as nearly anything, not just an Irish pub.

From there, customers can add on just about anything: The company is licensed to serve food and alcohol. They can also provide bartenders, bands and even Irish wolfhounds.

"It's really a one-stop shop," Cahill said.

(Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 15, 2016.)