Boston Celtics Star Isaiah Thomas' Sons Take Over Post-Game News Conference

One son declared his dad to be the "greatest" basketball player.

— -- Isiah Thomas hit clutch shots Sunday to help his Boston Celtics tie up their playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks, but the star’s plays were not the sole focus of the post-game news conference.

Instead, it was Thomas’ two sons, Jaden and James, who stole the show.

The dynamic duo, dressed in Boston Celtics gear, had fun racing each other to the microphones next to their dad’s seat at the player’s table.

“Isaiah is the greatest basketball player,” James said into the microphone.

The fun even continued after Thomas left the table, with the boys’ running back to the microphones before a final goodbye.

“Thank you,” Jaden said.

The brothers’ playfulness brought back memories of Riley Curry, the daughter of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. Riley made a name for herself by stealing the spotlight during her dad's run through the 2015 NBA playoffs.