Have a Boysenberry Bonanza With These Fun Spring Recipes

The boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, blackberry and loganberry.

Named after its originator, Rudolph Boysen, the sweet, tangy fruit can be used in tons of ways, which is showcased at the festival in the form of frappuccinos, cheesecakes, barbecue sauce and more. Scroll through for all the unique uses, plus some recipes.

Boysenberry Sautéed Chicken and Sausage Sandwich

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Boysenberry Relish

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Boysenberry Cheesecake

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Fried Cheese Curds With Spicy Boysenberry Dipping Sauce

Boysenberry BBQ Ribs

Boysenberry Churro Sundae

Boysenberry Dessert Flautas

Fish & Chips Sandwich With Boysenberry Tartar Sauce