Bride-To-Be Crochets Her Own Wedding Gown During Bus Commute

Seattle bride crochets her entire wedding gown during 50-minute bus commute.

— -- Here comes the bride ... all dressed in crocheted white?

Seattle bride-to-be, Chi Krneta, spent her time wisely during her 50-minute bus commute each day, crocheting her entire wedding gown herself.

“Most women spend thousands on their wedding dress,” she wrote on the caption of the Reddit photos now going viral. "I made mine for $30 while riding the bus.”

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It took her about five months to complete the one-of-a-kind gown.

"I crochet a lot on the bus during my commute and have made other things like hats, scarves, and shorter dresses,” Krneta told ABC News. “I knew I wanted to design and make my own wedding dress (I also sew) and figured that crocheting it would be the most efficient way to accomplish.

She says all of the guests that attended her July 26 wedding loved the creative dress, but there was one person in particular who wasn’t able to attend her big day that she wanted to make particularly proud.

"I also thought that crocheting my wedding dress would be a nice way of incorporating my grandmother's gift of teaching me to crochet when I was a child,” Krneta explained of her grandmother who passed away several years ago.

But the wedding dress wasn’t the only thing that Krneta, an architect, designed to also be usable after the wedding. She also put her architecture skills to use on the adjustable bridesmaids dresses and homegrown centerpieces.

“I treated my wedding just like an architecture project,” she said. “I thought about ways to not only make it beautiful but also meaningful, practical, affordable, and sustainable."