British Couple Has 1940s-Themed Wedding and Takes Fabulous Photos

Ria Chambers and Jonathan Jefferies wed last month in Bedfordshire, England.

— -- How does a couple who loves history get married? With a 1940s-themed wedding, of course.

The couple even sent wedding invitations to their 120 guests that looked like General Post Office telegrams.

Picking a theme for their wedding was easy, Chambers, 35, told ABC News.

"Me and my husband, we both love history," she explained. "I think because we both have grandparents that had active roles in the war and we were both very close to our grandparents. It's about that stylized period of time. We both like that aesthetic."

The reception also featured an 18-piece band, which only played Big Band hits from the 1930s and '40s. Guests also ate what Chambers called "war-time foods," such as chocolate and beetroot cake along with parsnip cake.

As for their late March honeymoon, the couple took a trip that many in the 1940s would take. They reserved seats on the luxury train, Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.