'Bruffin' Pasty Hybrid Will Ship Worldwide

It was actually around before the cronut!

— -- It's a pastry hyrbrid that pre-dates even the cronut -- and it's about to go global.

The "bruffin" -- basically a meal in a muffin-shaped croissant -- will start shipping on Monday.

It had previously only been available in Manhattan. Despite limited opportunities to actually sample a bruffin, the product has developed a cult following.

It's called the bruffin, creator Michael Bagley said, because the original recipe called for a brioche-type batter in a muffin shape. Today he said, the batter lighter's similar to a "light flaky croissant."

Details: The important thing to know here is that the "perfect meal in a muffin" comes in 16 varieties inspired by the world's cuisine. So, the U.S. has a buffalo chicken bruffin.

Italy has a pepperoni and parmigiana bruffin. Sweden has smoked salmon, capers and cream cheese. There's Greek, Indian, Moroccan, Japanese and more.

Bagley said the frozen product will ship "anywhere customs will allow" and that delivering the product to the customer's door was the natural next iteration of the business that has been wildly successful.

And don't ever call the bruffin a rip-off of the cronut.

Bagley said he challenged his partner Mady Youcef, the baker of the bruffin -- to create this muffin meal more than four years ago. But the pastry hybrid model that's been the hottest craze of the culinary world for some time draws obvious comparisons.

"You know what we were discouraged [by the cronut craze], we did this before cronut came to play. But ultimately I think existence of these things, the ingenuity and creativity, is a good thing and consumers are enjoying trying new creations."