'Buy It and Try It': Forearm Forklift, Gotham Steel Pan

How well do products advertised on TV work in real life?

— -- Products advertised on TV often pledge to help streamline your daily routine, but how well do they work in real life?

Good Morning America” tried out “As Seen on TV” products on live TV for a special series called “Buy It and Try It.”

We used two products for the home: Forearm Forklift and Gotham Steel Pan.

Read below to see how well the two products worked when used live on “GMA.”

Gotham Steel Pan

Use: “The newest non-stick cookware made with ceramic and titanium!”

How It Fared Live:

"No oil, no butter, and look at that, they’re coming out pretty good. I mean, it’s pretty clean," ABC News' Becky Worley said while scooping out eggs.

"Oh, yeah, check this out. It slides right off," ABC News' Gio Benitez agreed, sliding fried cheese off the pan.

Forearm Forklift

Use: “They’re a pair of adjustable straps that employ leverage, which makes the item being carried seem much lighter!”

How It Fared Live:

"Check it out, we can dance," Benitez said while effortlessly lifting a large washing machine.

"You do have to get the straps underneath, so you have to kind of tip it and grab hold," Worley added. "I was pretty impressed."