Cat and squirrel face off through snowy window

The cat, Milo, has been watching for the squirrel all winter.

— -- Milo, an 8-year-old cat in Maine, has been in pursuit of a certain squirrel all winter long. Then the chance encounter finally happened.

"He and the squirrel have had this going on most of the winter," Milo's owner, Andrea Palmer, said. "Milo sits on the table waiting for him every day."

Palmer's mother, Diane Mitchell, was able to videotape the interaction.

"We've caught a couple pictures before, but this was the first time we actually filmed it," Palmer said. "He does it just about every morning."

Milo's and the squirrel's fascination with each other will likely continue, she said.

"We just had fun with it and he's enjoying his little bout of success," Palmer said.