Celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser answers top 3 divorce questions

Laura Wasser launched It's Over Easy, a site for those getting divorced.

— -- Divorce can be easy.

Now with her DIY divorce website, It's Over Easy, Wasser is hoping to bring her no-nonsense advice to everyday couples.

Wasser said those going through a divorce often ask the same three questions. And she always gives the same advice.

Am I going to be OK?

"A big part of what I do is having [clients] know that there’s somebody there that has been through it -- literally hundreds of time and also personally," Wasser explained. "And yes, you’re going to be OK. Almost half the population has gone through it."

Wasser said she usually tells her clients the same advice.

"I guarantee you a year from today -- put it in your phone -- we will send each other an email and ... you’re going to be better than you are now," she said.

How is custody best shared?

"It depends on the ages of the kids," Wasser, who co-parents with her ex, said. "For younger children, it's better to have smaller increments or a 2-2-3 plan, where mom has Monday and Tuesday, then dad has Wednesday and Thursday and then mom has Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And then the week flips."

Wasser added that older kids can benefit from a 2-2-5 plan, and teenagers or older kids can likely go five days without seeing the other parent.

And note that most custody plans have special circumstances for holidays, so "it's helpful to have a calendar," Wasser said. She offers several on her website.

How much money will I lose?

"Believe it or not it’s not going to be that much different," Wasser said in terms of finances.

A divorce has two components, she explained: A division of your assets and debts and then the other is child support or spousal support.

"You’re probably all going to have to be doing a little bit of downsizing because you're paying for two households instead of one," Wasser said. "There’s not some huge penalty in terms of support. You’re paying to support the lifestyle that existed during the family."

And the celebrity divorce attorney said it doesn't matter if you've never shared your finances in mutual bank accounts. "When you get a divorce, it's all community property anyway," she said.