Cheeky 'Push-up Jeans' Offer Women a Fuller Backside

PHOTO: Ivido Jeans in Vancouver, Canada offers women the opportunity to boost their backside. PlayCTV
WATCH 'Push-Up Jeans' Offer Women a Fuller Backside

Forget the pain and expense of a procedure, a Canadian clothing store has found a quick fix for your backside woes.

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Ivis Gonzalez is the owner of Ivido Jeans, which sells a unique line of push-up jeans in Vancouver for women who want a figure rivaling stars like Shakira, Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.

"In South America we really celebrate our bum. It's not about being skinny. It's just to wear the right thing for your body and feel like a woman," Gonzalez told CTV News Vancouver.

There’s no secret padding in the pants. Instead, they are composed of a combination of shading, special fabrics, stitching and pocket placement to enhance backsides in all the right areas.

Some even come with a built-in girdle for those who "need extra help," Gonzalez said.

The jeans also come in fifty different styles, but not in conventional sizes. Small, medium and large sizes translate to "Tango, Salsa and Meringue," while plus sizes go from "Delicious" and "Sweet Delicious" to "Hot Delicious."

"I come from a culture in which we learn to feel good about our bodies, regardless our size or weight," Gonzalez wrote on her company's website. "In many ways, we draw our sense of confidence from knowing not only what to wear to better suit our shape, but also how to wear it comfortably."

Gonzalez said the jeans are made entirely in Colombia and range in price from $85-$110. They can be bought online or in-store, where customers can also enjoy salsa dancing lessons on Tuesdays.

Around the world, similar “push up wonder” jeans by clothing company Salsa Jeans help ensure your derriere remains perfectly conditioned at all times, while push up pants by Tiffosi have in-built leg corsets for those wanting skinny thighs.