Cheerleader With Cancer Gets Surprise Show of Support From High School Football Team

VIDEO: Cheerleader Gets Unexpected Show of Support from High School Football Team
WATCH High School Football Team Takes to the Field for Cheerleader With Leukemia

An emotional show of support for a high school cheerleader in Palo Cedro, California left the young woman who is battling cancer “shocked, overwhelmed, and speechless.”

Ashley Adamietz, a senior cheerleader at Foothill High School, was diagnosed with Leukemia last month and is currently going through daily chemotherapy treatments. On Friday, the high school's football team rallied behind her with a colorful on-field gesture.

As the players took the field, each of the 57 teammates placed an orange rose at Adamietz's feet. Orange is the designated color for Leukemia awareness.

According to northern California ABC News affiliate KRCR, Ryan Caetano asked the head coach of his football team, Joey Brown, if the whole team could show appreciation for the senior cheerleader.

Brown told ABC News, "We took care of family business, before we took care of business on the field."