Say Cheese! I'm Pregnant! Couple Reveals Baby News in Hilarious ‘Photo’ Prank

Couple reveals pregnancy in hilarious prank by having family and friends pose fo

— -- Family and friends of one clever couple had no idea what was in store for them when they gathered together to say “cheese!” in front of the camera.

“I love taking pictures, so that didn’t seem out of the ordinary,” Kat Camilli, of San Francisco, told ABC News of her sneaky pregnancy reveal.

She and husband, Kris, spent eight weeks visiting their closest loved ones in order to prank them by asking them to pose for a “photo,” but instead, they had the video setting rolling.

“Ok, on the count of 3 -- 1… 2… 3… Kat’s pregnant!,” Kris shouts to each unsuspecting group as Kat poses with them.

The responses, which were compiled into this hilarious video by her brother, Michael Suyeda, are entertaining to say the least.

“Why would you say that? Is she?,” Kris’ confused father asks before realizing the good news.

“What? Really? REALLY?!,” another shocked group of friends exclaim.

“Kat’s preg— are you pregnant? ARE YOU PREGNANT?!,” says another, just as excited as the rest.

The happy couple originally got their good news in September but wanted to wait until the 12-week sonogram before revealing their bun-in-the-oven news to others.

“We’re the last of our friends to have children so everyone's pretty excited," said Kat. "And I had seen other videos like this on YouTube but they were really long and weren’t edited very well. But I wanted to include so many reactions, and my brother edits videos so I knew he’d do a good job with it.”

It’s safe to say the creative announcement was a crowd pleaser. The YouTube video has more than 20,000 views since it was posted just 24 hours ago.

“I was hoping a few people would enjoy it but this is insane,” said the beaming mother-to-be. “It’s just awesome for people to enjoy it with us.”

The Camilli’s, who are due May 22, don’t know if they’re having a boy a girl yet, but needless to say, “they’re dying to find out.”