Christmas tree hair and eyebrows are lighting up social media

Forget about deck the halls! People are decking their hair this holiday season.

From Christmas tree hair tall enough to make Cindy Lou Who from "The Grinch" jealous, to statement-making Christmas tree eyebrows and beard ornaments that give facial hair extra festive flair, these wacky beauty trends are sure to keep the holidays “mhairy” and bright.

“My boyfriend and I have been Christmas decorating and really in the Christmas spirit,” Davison, 28, told ABC News. “We watched ‘Elf’ and ‘The Grinch’ with Cindy Lou Who and I thought, ‘My hair is so long, I should try to do her hairdo.’ People were using cups or empty water bottles, but my hair is so long, it’s down to my butt, so I found the empty 2-liter diet Coke bottle I had. Everyone can put their own little touch on it.”

Here are Davison’s how-to steps to completing the perfect Christmas tree hair:

1. Get an empty bottle (I used a 2-liter bottle because I have long hair, but you can use small water bottles and cut them per length of hair).

2. Attach the bottle to a headband. (I drilled two holes in the bottom and used a zip tie). Kids, have your parents help you! You could also use glue to glue the bottle to headband if you don’t care about ruining the headband. Just make sure glue is dry before wearing to avoid any glued-hair incidents.

3. Try to put the bottle in the middle of your hair. You will need to pull some hair in front of your face to cover the front of bottle, as you your want hair to completely surround it.

4. Use hair ties and hair spray to hold it in place.

5. Decorate as you please. Use ribbons, bows, bulbs, garland, glitter, etc. (Hint: if you have long hair, using the ribbons or garland could also be a good way to hold the hair in place.)

Christmas tree hair

Christmas tree eyebrows

Christmas tree eyebrows are also all the rage on Instagram right now. People are using their eyebrow hair as the bushy bristles of the tree, and using colorful makeup to adorn them with ornaments, snow, and stars.

Beard ornaments

Beard ornaments are here to give your facial hair the ultimate holiday makeover. "Beardaments," as they’re called, let you show off your Christmas cheer by attaching the clip-on ornaments right onto your beard. It’s a fool-proof way to make your facial hair extra festive.