The Clever Way One Company Attempted the World's Largest Peanut Butter Cup

It's one big sweet.

The giant piece of candy, which was created in three hours, included 320 pounds of chocolate and 120 pounds of peanut butter filling.

The 441-pound cup was molded inside a five-foot kiddie pool and chilled to harden at 68 degrees.

"We do chocolate peanut butter cups and I thought, we can do a giant one," said The Candy Factory's owner Frank Sheftel. "We wanted to do something outrageous for the book of world records."

Sheftel, whose company builds unusual candy creations for celebrities, told ABC News that 12 people assisted in making the peanut butter cup.

Once Guinness verifies The Candy Factory's peanut butter cup to be the new record holder, Sheftel plans on portioning and selling the candy for $25 a piece.

Guinness said no one has yet set the record for the world's largest peanut butter cup. The minimum weight required is 220 pounds, seven ounces.

"This is subject to our rules and guidelines, and so seeing these stories online is not enough confirmation, they need to provide evidence," a spokesperson said.

Guinness World Records added that they cannot yet confirm if the peanut butter cup made by The Candy Factory is an official record.