Coach who went viral for dancing to MC Hammer surprised by the rapper

San Jose State University coach Alonzo Carter used to dance for Hammer.

And although his players didn't know it, head coach Brent Brennan was aware.

"Before and after practice, Coach Brennan loves to have music playing," Carter told ABC News. "On that particular day, it was a scrimmage, and we had a live DJ."

Carter recalls seeing his head coach whisper something to another member of the coaching staff, who went over to the deejay after the scrimmage back in April.

"Coach Brennan has this big grin on his face and he makes the hand gesture like, 'Come on!'" Carter said.

Initially, Carter said he was "caught off guard," but a now viral video shows he busted out those 90s dance moves to the delight of his players. He even treated them to Hammer's iconic shuffle dance move.

The video recently went viral again after MC Hammer stopped by San Jose State's football game against University of South Florida on Aug. 26 to surprise Carter.

"It was a blessing to have him there," he recalled. "It's always a real pleasure having him around."

Carter said it's a nice feeling having his dance moves go viral not one, but twice.

"I’m living a dream right now," he added. "It’s a stressful business as it is, but you want to try to have some fun and I’m blessed to be working with a great coaching staff that allows us to express ourselves through music and dance."